2020 Rituals

Rituals for activating the 2020 Vision:

You are invited to create and submit your own rituals for “Waking the World,” “Getting Back on Track,” “Awakening Gaia,” or anything else appropriate for the 2020 Vision. Rituals can be general, or specific for special occasions—such as eclipses, or Earth Day on April 22. They can be for small groups like covens, nests or groves; or for large festival gatherings of hundreds of people.

If you would like to submit your rituals, please do so in the Replies/Comments section below.

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  1. This is something i have done off and on for a long time as a solitary. My Wizards Consultancy failed due to where i was living and family matters, but i still love the name so i go by that now. I know you want to bring forth the positive but this could be added to something else so as to banish the negative first, if you like. This specific version was the result of DC40. Wizard at Large, Rev. Annora Eowyn McDougall

    Ritual of Protection for Mother Earth.

    Do during the waning moon. Standard altar. Special needs: a globe or picture of the planet and another set of elemental symbols (i.e. a feather and a page of hate literature, a candle and a picture of active intolerance, a cup of water, an emotional picture, a stone and picture of the destruction of a grovestead or piece of land for profit ….).

    Prepare the area:
    Cleansing: For the water , incense & bell, sprinkle counterclockwise w/ the intention of cleansing
    Water. By the power of Land & Sea, I cleanse this space elementally.
    Incense. By the power of Wind & Fire, I cleanse this space of evil & ire.
    Bell. By the power of the Bells’ clear sound, negativity is no longer found.

    Blessing. For the water & incense, sprinkle, clockwise to bless; the same for the bell.
    Water. By the power of Land & Sea, I bless this space elementally.
    Incense. By the power of Fire & Air, I bless this space to make it fair.
    Bell. By the power of the bells’ clear sound, The Highest and Best, now is found.

    Ground with a “tree meditation”: Image three spheres of brilliant light: one above you with the Ogham Few for mistletoe within it, one below you with the Ogham Few for the grove and one within your heart with the Ogham Few for the oak within it. Chant each few until you feel the spheres are pulsing and live. See a light ray beaming downward from above and upward from below, and meeting at your heart. As you breathe, feel the energies blend and balance, forming a circuit. Visualize that you are merged with a tree. Feel your roots deep within the earth, while your branches go high into the sky.

    Place protection around yourself and cast a protective circle using a blade. See the circle become a star trekian force shield which is impenetrable by outside, chaotic or disruptive forces. Return to the altar and put the tool down. Call in your private allies, guides, protectors and familiars Next, using the wand, starting at the east, at each direction bring in positive energies. Draw the Ogham few first, then say the following invocation.

    East: PHAGOS, Be here, Powers of Life, the Beech, Patterning & Air.
    South: OIR, Be here, Powers of Light, St. Johns’ Wort, Energizing & Fire.
    West: MOR Be here, Powers of Love, the Ocean, Forming and Water.
    North: UILLEAND Be here, Powers of LAW, the Honeysuckle, Manifest Action & Earth.
    Center: (above) UCHELWYDD: Be here Powers of Divinity, Mistletoe, Transcendence & Spirit
    (below) KOAD: Be here Powers of Gaia, The Grove, Immanence & Spirit
    (all around) WUA, Be here, Powers of Space, the Morning Glory & binding.

    Stand in center Declare
    Let the energies stabilize. “I stand outside of time and space yet at the center of all realities. Hail unto The Once and Future King, King Arthur. Hail unto the Powerful Dame Ragnall, Lady of Transformation. I request the presence of the Light, the Arthurians, of Dragon Warriors, of Tree Spirits, and of the elements; I call You all to guide, guard, protect and empower this working. Help me transform the contamination and taint of the energy of life from attack by those whose prayers and greed would see our beloved earth destroyed and all people of good-will and magick wiped from the face of the earth.

    Take a globe of the planet and say Behold, here is our beloved Mother Earth. We send Her energy to shift the negative energy from those “prayer warriors” who would destroy her and her children in the name of their god.

    Nest place symbols of the elements around it.
    Here is a symbol of air, of thought, that has been corrupted by similar prayers.
    Here is a symbol of fire, of passions, that has been corrupted by similar prayers.
    Here is a symbol of water, of emotions, that has been corrupted by similar prayers.
    Here is a symbol of earth, of actions, that has been corrupted by similar prayers.

    Raise power in whatever way works best for you. Create a huge ball of energy and place it over the globe and elements. Run energy, visualizing the twisting and tainting of all the energies of life being returned to wholesomeness. Image something like the needle of a meter slowly going from left to right, just as long as you see the energy change from tainted to pure. Call upon King Arthur to guide you so that your actions are just and free from anger. Call upon Dame Ragnall to help shift these energies so that no one else ever gets hurt by it and that good can be created with them.

    Do a yes/no divination to determine the status & release excess energies.

    Thank all who you’ve invited: Bid farewell to King Arthur and Dame Ragnall; thank your guides, familiars, protectors and allies. Bid them all farewell. Close the Elemental Gates, and open the circle.

    Record the experience. Put things away; do something mundane & grounding.

  2. HML 11* New Moon Ritual for 2020


    The aim of this working at this critical time is astral/magickal ‘time travel’ work, all times being here/now. So, reaching back into the past to the beginning of our species and reaching forward into the future aeon of Maat when/where N’Aton manifests we bring onto alignment and manifest Gnosis so as to assure survival and Unity of our species here/now and in the future.

    On Altar:
    Feather, candle or lamp lit, HML symbol and representations of the aeons of the Mother, Father, Son & Daughter= Earth, Air, Fire, Water.
    (Tarot Cards like- The Empress (N), The Emperor (S), The Aeon (E) and Justice (W) can be used or simple symbols/tools/offerings can be used.

    In the center: The HML Symbol (inverted red triangle with black feather in the center. See: http://www.horusmaatlodge.com/)

    The Ritual:
    Banish as you will.
    Cast the circle using your feather with the Black Flame: LUTIS NITRA

    (Hold the feather for the rest of the ritual)

    To the South call on Hadit: THELEMA
    To the North Call on Nuit: AGAPE
    To the East, call on Horus: ABRAHADABRA
    To the West, Call on MAAT: IPSOS
    Above call on Pan: IO PAN
    Below, call on Gaia: IO GAIA

    Invoke your Self/Star as the nexus of All: OM

    ‘Enter’ the HML symbol by chanting Ipsos while focusing on the flame through the feather.
    Go to the Moonbase temple- Center yourself within the HML. Then:
    Reach Down –mentally and physically- projecting back in time into prehistory Connect through your genes and ‘become your primitive feral hominid ‘ape man’ ‘Self’ who was/is uttering the first word ever spoken – feel and be part of the vast interconnected animal consciousness of emerging humanity interwoven with

    Gaia- invoke N’Aton as this collective instinctual Gaia-animal one-mind consciousness as you utter The Word.
    Remember this word.
    Bring your Self-and the Primal Unified (N’Aton) Consciousness to the present- YOU and center this in your heart.

    Invoke your Self/Star (HGA) and the Primal N’Aton Unified Consciousness-
    here/now you are the center of the nexus.

    Now: Reach up -mentally and physically- and project into the far future aeon Here/Now-You are now your future incarnation as one of the Children of MAAT just as N’Aton awakens all human minds to unity, to full consciousness, you are part of this group consciousness coming-together at this moment. The Last Word is uttered, for all are now one mind and words are no longer needed.

    You are N’Aton. Be with this unified mind here/now in unity.
    Bring the future unity back down into here/now- center this unity in your Heart This unified consciousness is ONE
    Holy Self/Star/HGA and N’Aton are One.
    You are the singularity of time/space/consciousness

    Now, throw your arms out and spin or turn about-
    Send this unified Self/N’Aton consciousness OUT to cover the planet and empower and awaken all human minds to awareness and unity.
    See this as brilliant waves of light/consciousness illuminating all humanity. When done, pull your consciousness and power back to your heart.

    Do the sign of silence (finger to lips)
    Center all of this power/magick/unity within you.
    Chant OM until the magick settles.

    Finally, reach up and say IO PAN! TO ALL!
    Reach down and touch the earth and say: IO GAIA, EARTH ALL
    Place hands at your heart, then raise them to embrace the cosmos and say: EVERY MAN AND EVERY WOMAN IS A STAR

    Dissolve the circle with feather going counterclockwise chanting LUTIS NITRA.

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