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  1. Back in my Tibetan Buddhist days, right as i was opening my Wizards Consultancy, i’d spent 2 days doing Green Tara practice. At 5am on 11.1.11 i had the oddest dream i’ve ever had. It was like the Tower card was set in my neighbors cornfield, all sorts of horrible things resulting in destruction happened. But at the end i connected with Gaia and started toning along with others. Those of us who were left after all the destruction learned to live in harmony with Gaia and we created a wonderful world. i thought i had this dream as a result of participating in the DC40 situation that had just passed. But when Bernie Sanders came on the scene and woke me up as a magickal activist i realized it was predictive. i now know why i was brought back from the dead in 2018 and so here i am doing what i can to help. This dream has been what has kept me going and knowing that eventually things will be alright for all beings, not just humans.

    There is a group of Dragons who are more than happy to help as They are the “Dragons Graal” clan. Dragons Graal is their name for Gaia; They helped Her create Her rainbow grid of consciousness in the crystal layer of the planet. Here is how to connect to this silky mother of pearlish energy …

    A Re-connecting with all life.

    Yet this can be a time of new beginnings and of Gaia awakening Herself. Since the old patterns of culture and government are not working, people are creating new ways. Many are learning to live simply and lightly; turning their back on the consumeristic culture they are surrounded by. Some are turning to holistic healing, others are growing their own food and others are learning to spin and weave. The “Old Ways” are coming back out of sheer necessity and out of a desire to a more meaningful and compassionate life. Many people are concerned with ascension, that is the moving into higher dimensions and leaving this realm behind; which can be a good thing depending on your motive.

    I’d like to propose that some of us, literally, want to follow the Buddhist teachings, and take all life with us when we “ascend”. It does not matter if we are Pagan, Buddhist, OtherKin, Witch, Druid, Native, Aboriginal, Magickian, metaphysical student, Shaman, people of more mainstream religions who love the earth or even the common person who loves the earth. We are here to help Mother Earth awaken Herself. We are here to come back into balance and connection with all Life. We are here to shift the balance of energies into a gestalt, moving past the right brain-left brain, male-female, violence-pacifism, rational-emotional etc conflicts that have been so destructive in our lives and the world around us.

    The Dragons showed me, and a friend confirmed it by tapping into it, that Gaia has a rainbow grid of energy flowing around the world which is found in the crystal layer of this planet. I was told that this is Her new consciousness. If we, here in the west, seek to actively become a part of Her and move past our imbalances, then we are to ground into this new energy grid and open a new set of chakra-grids that connect us in new ways, to the: mineral, animal, plant, spirit, Gaia and human realms.

    This is one of many ways to reconnect, you do not have to do it this way, it just happens to be something you can do on your own and is fairly simple. An advantage of this way is that you are consciously creating horizontal grids that connect you to the different realms I mentioned earlier. The more of us who connect to this deep rainbow energy and bring it up to the surface, even if we do not open the chakra-grids, will be helping shift the energies toward a better more healthy world for all. However, the more of us who connect the chakra-grids with the realms will be helping all life to move into a better dimension, not an fancy ascension, just a simple re-integrating and uplifting. This is not a religion, you do not need any formal initiation (though being in the presence of someone who is connected is helpful as it lets you get a feel of what you are connecting to). You do have to be willing to work with Dragons (though they may choose to take other forms that you are more comfortable with).

    Basically you find open a new energy tube along your spine and send it deep into the earth and connect with the rainbow grid deep in the Mother. After this is an active circuit between you and the Mother, you need to ask a Dragon to come help you establish your five earth connecting chakra-grids. S/he will help you create five new chakras that each in time will become a horizontal grid into infinity in the associate realm. Another Dragon will help you create a way to modulate and manage all the new energies coming into your being so you are not overwhelmed.

    Many of us have heard about some form of energy channel running along our spine that goes deep into the earth and may pass through us into the sky. We could have studied Tai Chi, Yoga or energy healing. Some traditions talk about another tube closer to the spine than the common one we experience when we ground ourselves. Here, we are looking for a faint, flat whitish channel in front of the common spinal energy channel. If you cannot find it, pretend it is there and act accordingly. That is a classic concept from hypnotherapy; our subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and pretending.

    Here is how you do it.

    Part I. Energizing the tube and creating a permanent link to Gaias’ new rainbow grid.

    Set up whatever sacred space you are used to, do a general grounding, centering and protecting. Focus on your breathing while imaging the room filled with rainbow light. See your frustrations, negativity, blocks, illness, aches, pains etc being exhaled on your breath as black smoke. See the rainbow light shift the smoke into colored light. As you inhale, bring in the rainbow light and let it flow throughout your body. Next create a gentle breathing pattern so your body is comfortable while you are focusing on this other activity.

    Now, intend that you are focused on the “Taproot to the Mother” that lies along your spine. As you breath in rainbow light, see the taproot being filled with rainbow light until it sprouts a strong taproot. Imagine this taproot, going from your sacroiliac deep into the earth and connecting with the rainbow grid. After a while you will feel vibrant, mother-of-pearl, rainbow light flowing up into your new channel along your spine and at the top of your head, it flows back down again.

    Part II. Establishing the new Horizontal Chakra-Grids with the Five realms.

    After you are comfortable with this new energy line, ask while meditating, for a Dragon Guide to help you re-activate the horizontal “chakra-grids”. You will, in the beginning, sense five areas start to create energy balls in this taproot along your spine. After a point, these balls of rainbow light will turn into flower-buds. After more breathing the flower buds will turn the correct color of the center along the taproot.

    Open the crown chakra-grid first while asking to work with your special dragon spirit so you can safely open each of the flowers. This dragon will help you with the opening and integrating of the energies of each grid and realm. Think about it, if you are truly connected to the plant realm, you could be overwhelmed with the energies and impression of trees who are crudely cut down or if you are new to the animal realm, you may feel the emotions of animals being abused. We want to re-connect to life, not be overwhelmed by it. We need to be able to process and integrate the energies so we become part of the greater whole, not overwhelmed by it.

    Just stay with the flow and let the energies enlarge the buds. After a while you will see the flower open and in the center will be Gaia, sort of a 3-D image or hologram. Keep gently sending energy to the center, intending that you connect with Gaia on whatever realm you are focusing on. After awhile you will notice the lowest flower petals growing larger and larger, then shredding at the edges. Stay relaxed and focused, this is normal. This is how the grid forms. As more rainbow energy is converted to the center energy, more petals will form and grow, feeding the petals that form the growing grid. Eventually you see the edges of the whole flower shredded and the grid extending into infinity.

    As long as Gaia is in the center of the flower, you are not yet completely connected. Once Gaia is replaced by a Double Dragon Eye (aka as a merkaba or double tetrahedron), then you know you’re permanently connected. When all five flowers have the Double Dragons Eye in their center, you are horizontally linked to the Spirit Realm, the plant realm, the animal realm, the mineral realm and both Gaia Herself and the Human realms in a new way.

    During this time, you need to work closely with your Dragons and guides; one of them will be your “Integrator”. S/He will help you create a way to control, integrate and access all these new energies. S/He will help you create a special “control room” at the back of your pineal gland (or behind it). Here you will be able to control the energies so you can still live your day to day life, yet you will be able to access and view energies when you feel a call for help or need to access information.

    I hope this may inspire you to help create the conditions for Gaia and all life to be brought back into balance. May all Beings be Happy, may all Beings be Free, may all Beings be Interconnected and Whole again. So mote it be.

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