Reviews of 2020 Vision article

The visionary beliefs and actions required in this century are being written on hearts and minds by postmodern prophets like Oberon Zell, founder of the NeoPagan grok flock The Church of All Worlds. Without these visions, we have no cultural story to battle the demons of climate change and violence plaguing the world. In his “2020 Vision” article, Zell offers one of the most cogent and exciting documents I’ve read in years. It articulates many of our finest dreams and most grounded hopes, maps out practical lines of the future, and provides guidelines for activism within the context of deep community. As profound as it is practical, the 2020 Vision supplies the right ideas at the perfect time. Join the movement and help create a tomorrow our great-grandchildren can celebrate. 

Alder MoonOak, PhDGainesville, FloridaProfessor, College of Central Florida