In 2020, we will be releasing a grand egregore into the evolving wave

by C. Theodore Walker 



Something which has been on my mind for, I’m gonna say around 10 years or so was the visual meme of the number “2020”. In the past, ABC had a show called “20/20” which was a rider of an ever present meme in our human psyche: clear vision. Every knows about 20/20 vision being “clear; perfect”. As the years ticked by, I was awoken to the crawling presence of a year in perfect alignment with this cultural meme; not only a year which will herald the election cycles in our country and in other countries of the world, but also a world event in the Olympics and something else completely forgotten, cultural renaissances.

Our country and much of this world are being woken up from previous ideas which have now grown stale. Look around you. Now, more than any time period in human history, we are witnessing renewed human awakening. Atheism and Satanism are shown in clear vision without fear of recriminations, and adopted into common culture; Paganism has begun to sweep over many as a culturally acceptable spiritual practice as millions now begin to embrace the Old Ways, casting aside overly stratified and spiritually bankrupt systems of monotheism. Why, even the country of Norway has embraced a return of the Norse religion. This is a time of awakening. This is the time for clear vision. 

I propose something to you my friends and others who are reading this: 2020=20/20 – align your vision – see your path. On the tolling of that New Year on January 1 2020, I would like to ask you all to sit with the present thought you have. Not very long, so instead of going for that first celebratory toast of champagne, stand in presence of your friends and family gathered and you all share a moment of silence for yourselves. What lessons were acquired? Which lessons will serve you in the year and those to follow? How do they serve you? Who are you? It seems silly to request something so far in advanced, so I will make a constant effort to remind us all what is to come.

What may come, will be a call to personal inventory. As it was mentioned to me once before, renaissances occur in 60 year ripples. Our last cultural ripple was in 1960, fomenting revolutionary ideas setting humans towards reinvention. In 1900, we saw a changing of ideals and social constructs past the Victorian age. 1840, a change in how America would be seen in the world; independence from Great Britain and a gold rush in the western part of the country. These timely ripples shook foundations in established institutions; and soon, once again.

Here today, I present a manifesto towards the Clear Vision Project 2020, or CVP2020. This labor I share with you all now as we prepare for what is to come. What I project to be, will be something akin to what those in the 60’s hoped to witness; the Age of Aquarius coming into its own. In the previous years, the growth has been tumultous and callous for many. These times to come will be awareness to understanding your relationship with the divine process, and dare we state it, the Divine itself. 

OBJECTIVE: to create an artistic meme based toward collective magickal activism, awareness of personal sovereignty and call to divine purpose, thus immenentizing the eschaton. 

PROCESS: CVP2020 is a pan-structural event occurring on the beginning of January 1, 2020. it will be widespread, hopefully global, as the focus is on individual human power presented with a choice of ruling our directions and disenfranchising our power elite structure; using multimedia expression in art and literature, as well as sports and sciences, there is a desire to spread via grassroots support. all must be reached in what ever vibration and harmony they attune with.

the process is already in place with a common meme for eyesight: 20/20 vision. the idea is to piggyback that and inject the collective’s perception to expand consciousness. another common meme is the Eye of Horus on the back of our money and in common print of books, magazines and clothing. the world is surmounted by these images at present, where much of it causes comfort to some and fear in others. much of that fear beaten into Judeo-Christic-Mohammedan cults seeking to race towards Armageddon. 

our goals are counter to theirs; we do not seek destruction of the other, rather we seek annihilation of our dualism. thus the perfection of the 2=0 formula expounded by Aleister Crowley, staying in frame of the Aquarian mindset to harmonize and pull together collectives for cooperation in common competition; the assurance of clean air, land and water. the cause of this lack is in part to our unclean passions directed toward no end or purpose. our passion, perverted to cowardice and consumption, instead of will and industry. The main driving form; divisive, destructive capitalism.

our collective competitive consumerism, based upon a destructive model of unsustainable capitalism, has created an unhealthy relationship for humans in achieving our growth potential. our ghoulishly mindless handling of carcinogens which poison drinking water and empty consumption of “food” not even fit for consumption by farm animals, creates our deepest fears in flesh; the zombie mythos. the monster of no mind that devours without consciousness and unsated. 

it is not our intent to bring harm; yet those who stand against this manifest will, shall be undermined. there are few targets, however their disruption is in hope of rousing the attention of the demons, eventually drawing them out to harness them and refocus the power to be absorbed into the collective politic. the purpose is more to treat the malady within of our sickness in relationship to commerce and the symptoms emerging from capitalist competition. capitalism is not the sickness, it is merely a symptom of a darker more insidious perception of value in our human character; how some are graded due to perceived class placement and motility through money and perceived values of property.

methods: CVP2020 will be fostered immediately after the Weloveution2018 project, where we will begin the process of building awareness of political goals and ambitions of personal political power. from this project, we hope to inspire digital and fine graphic artisans to empower themselves toward this new arena. we will be using sneak-peek exposures during these demonstrations of ability. 

the focus and goal is to be this: getting the individual to see what they like/dislike in themselves and how we project it towards others. the meme should be introspection as a tool for extropection: as above, so below.

tune in…

 recognizing the waveform of the divinity purpose within the actor

drop in…

 activating and liberating the divine purpose through magickal daily practice

live in.

 dwelling in the divine body to actualize the actor’s True Will.